a little about Ziyaad

Durban born poet who grew up in the east rand Ziyaad started writing spoken word poetry after being introduce by a friend.

Hip hop played big role in Ziyaad’s writing as he used to be known as Ziyaad Zerophyte in the hip hop underground and has appeared in various mix tapes and albums, from the east rand academy mix tape by Apolyon to earth against mars by Topaz just to name a few.
also has been involved in various hip hop projects which included his role as one of the founders of The Network(connecting through music) non profit organization
hosting poetry sessions and hip hop shows
in Durban.
2013 Ziyaad released his first EP tittle Cacology Execution, featuring the like of Dr Zakes and Adeeh.

Ziyaad has relocated back to the East rand, his is part of the Duduza Poetry club and hosts poetry sessions and poetry workshops

One response to “a little about Ziyaad”

  1. I’ve read them but was mostly touched by “Hidden scars” some how it speaks of my life….and I’ve learnt one thing” There comes a point in life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will”. Keep on writing and treasure the almighty Allahs gift to you.

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