Teenage smile

he said that Sunday is the right day to go out

pointing straight at the moon as if it was close enough to hold it

he made summer with his character

so confident you could swear shyness was never in his sleeve

this catawampus resilient cred

so distant it turns to his Syrian friends

cooking up spaghetti attachments for some serious plans

this teenager has a smile as large as quintuplet girls

so melodies his lungs dance to rhythm of respiration

this teenager has a sister who about to die soon

instead of crying,

he crafted her hospital bed with face shame

not laughing, shadowing all traces of happiness

with his confidence

this teenage was not giving up

he has tasted stardust from traveling with supernovas

looking up on those with nothing

and inspired by their courage

he has learnt that gratitude is not only from appreciating what you have

but gratitude is also appreciating what you do not have

every touch is a trick

the mist has not cleared as yet

but instead of being lost

the teenager was found

alive, smiling and well

his pencil was unable to drawing up any conclusions

through growth he will learn

and since time will tell us when I see him again

this teenager is the reason why old self understands the traces of pain

Published by ziyaad poetry

Muslim spoken word artist poet from South Africa.

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