No more

No more  shall I see the spider's web on my plate,  shall I miss the day to kiss the rain. No more, shall i smile for someone else's frown act like I'm someone else's clown. No more, shall i disguise my happiness for nothing, infect my heart with diseases that blindfolds its visions for the … Continue reading No more


Its always better to change for the better Change to something that was Changed inside the change that change itself from caged desire of the materialistic page In this age change is so very much important Change what you coated Change dotted sins on them actions that swims with no change I'm made from change … Continue reading Change

Part of me

    For the day I'll write until the bars break, recite till the grounds shake Your hearts skipping the beat for God's sake So safe, you'll feel your souls take that spiritual breath off graves Its the knowledge that I've ate The wisdom that I've taste Enough to realize that I'm not descended from … Continue reading Part of me